About Us

Travel Wade offers unique, personalized, small group tours to Europe. We specialize in Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria with experience travelling to Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy. Often we offer heritage tours helping people make connections to their ancestral homelands. Many of the tours are focused on the culture and history of each region, which enables travelers understand and make connections to the past while experiencing the cultures of today.

Genealogy helps Americans and anyone whose ancestors originated in Europe make connections to their ancestral father or motherlands in Europe. Participants like how we often take the roads less traveled to find and feel a true cultural experience. Every tour is uniquely designed to making connections and providing relevance of each region to European History while linking historical events to the lives of people today and of the traveler’s ancestors. It is enlightening to learn how people in these small locations in history impact the lives of millions over the centuries including our lives today.

We provide the opportunity to cross off a few items from your bucket list to travel with an experienced guide. Whether a heritage tour, themed tour, or customized trips for you’re family or small group, all of the details are taken care of so you can relax and enjoy the experience.