Wade and his family set out on a life changing adventure to visit their oldest daughter studying abroad in France.

On the first day after landing in Amsterdam, the Olsen family faced many obstacles making the trip difficult as major snowstorms had grounded all connecting flights in Europe and clogged up all trains and public transportation. A positive attitude and a lot of patience were required to quickly learn options and make decisions in order to continue the journey. The challenge of dealing with difficult situations and creating solutions came naturally which inspired Wade to get out of his comfort zone in order make the experience enjoyable no matter the obstacles.

After Kathleen and their two youngest children returned home for the beginning of the school session, Wade and his oldest daughter explored Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic including villages where ancestors had lived prior to immigration the United States. While exploring ancestral villages they met a number of local people, which lead to more connections with distant relatives back in the States.

After one trip, Wade was inspired to learn more to become an expert in central European history and genealogical research. While sharing information with others and helping people plan their own travels, the idea of being their tour guide was presented.