June was a wonderful experience guiding an extended family to Europe. The best part about it is arranging transportation for everyone to share experiences as they traveled together.

Starting in Amsterdam some of the highlights were, Kalkriese and the Varusschlucht Museum. It is the site of a huge battle defeating three Roman Legions in 9AD. In addition the highlights were, Detmold, Hannover, Wine growing region near Wurzburg, the Bavarian Forest, German Bohemian Ancestral Villages in the Czech Republic, Regensburg, Munich, Austrian Alps, the Zugspitze (tallest peak in Germany) and Ulm, Germany.

It was an eventful trip and great connections were made with old and new friends and family. It was a fun and memorable tour for a family group with a span of ages of 86 to 27.

September included another Heritage Tour starting in Munich, Germany.

The highlights were Munich, Nuremberg, Bavarian forest, Bavarian and German Bohemian ancestral villages covering a wider region in Bavaria, the western and southern regions of the Czech Republic. We spent time in Prague, visited a crystal glass company, visited the charming town of Cesky Krumlov and then traveled through Austria to Vienna. It was a great way to celebrate our time together sampling new wines and sharing a great meal at the local Wineries Heurigen Events.

Heurige is where local wineries sell their new latest wines at the end of the growing season. Often held in beautiful gardens with a fun festive atmosphere. (Gemutlichkeit)

Additional travel brought us through, Graz, Hallstatt, Tyrol region, Innsbruck experiencing much of Austria a beautiful Alpine nation. More German sites visited including Ulm, Stuttgart and Nuremberg, Germany. Next was a German-Bohemian

research trip to the Czech Republic. Following we visited Wurzburg and Bremerhaven Germany. Bremerhaven has an excellent Emigration Museum called the Deutsches Auswandererhaus Bremerhaven. It is one of the best exhibits showing what is was like for millions stepping off this port for new lands. It is a highlight on the 2016 Fall Germany Tour.