Denmark, Northern and Eastern Germany were explored starting with time in the port city of Hamburg, Germany.

Some of the highlights were Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Flensburg, Lubbeck, Hannover, Nuremburg, Gotha and Eastern regions of Germany, Southern Germany including Passau, the Bavarian Forest.

Extensive travels across the entire length of the Czech Republic and into Poland including a visit to Auschwitz Concentration Camp Museum.

Great connections were made at a DAGV Genealogentag Conference in Gotha Germany. In 2015 there was a formation of a partnership between German American Genealogical Societies and those in Germany. It is a great opportunity for better genealogical research and connections to distant family members.

In addition, many improbable connections were made in these travels related to WWII, the Holocaust, and the Expulsion of Ethnic Germans, (German-Bohemians) following WWII. Look for more in my blog and news events.