Every season has something to offer as one explores Europe. Summer is a great time to experience nature and ones heritage.

In June, we explored the borderlands between Germany and the Czech Republic. Crisscrossing the landscape as we wound our way from Passau on the Danube, through the Bohemian and Bavarian Forests, through the mountain ranges in North Western Czech Republic, through famous Spa towns to Prague. It was a fun event filled tour exploring the history of the regions and the family heritage of all who participated.

Sudetenland history and heritage was studied and celebrated while participating in the Bischhofteinitz Heimat Treffen. It is a homeland meeting for those who once lived in the western region of what is the Czech Republic today.

As a Genealogist, Wade presented two presentations about central European history and German-Bohemian Immigration at the first ever International German Genealogy Partnership Convention (IGGP). It was held in Minneapolis and had over 700 attendees from all over the world.


The year will be rounded out with a Christmas Market Tour beginning in Berlin and concluding in Munich. It also includes visits to Dresden, Prague, Regensburg, Salzburg Austria and the Berchtesgaden in the shadow of the Alps.