In 2011, Wade spent six weeks exploring central Europe meeting tour guides, trying hotels, selecting meaningful sites and planning a tour to Germany, Bavaria and the Czech Republic. It was a great experience to learn about each area in preparation for guiding a group.

Since that time, Wade has been designing tours for groups, families and organizations traveling to Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. Many of these tours have included participant’s unique heritage and genealogical perspectives. Participants have had the opportunity to visit some of the sites their ancestors once lived.  It is rewarding developing relationships with the people who live in these places today. Often travelers are able to meet distant relatives still living in these areas.

Future tours will include many more places throughout Europe and Wade has been visiting a number of countries spanning from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean. It is always exciting to design unique personalized tours for individuals, groups’ organizations and families.  Everyone has there own priorities of what they would like to see and it is inspiring to build upon those ideas to provide a unique memorable experience.