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- Genealogical Research
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- Topics offered: Travel planning and experiences, Central European History, German-Bohemian Heritage, Culture, Immigration, Conditions leading to emigrating and places they settled throughout the world.

What is your family story? Like me, you’ve probably heard a million stories about your ancestors, what it was like in the olden days, and about the old country. The one in which these ancestors originated before emigrating to America and other parts of the world.  Each of us has a family story unique family history with numerous details waiting to be uncovered.

Before the digital age, the Internet, wireless phone and yes, even cable TV, people were required to talk and listen more to one and other. While I am old enough to remember times before these modern conveniences, I didn’t realize I was growing up on the edge of major changes in communication – worldwide.

It was, in a sense, a bridge between the past and present. My grandparents were the third generation to live in America and still did many things on the farm the same way as their Parents and Grandparents did. Since they were near retirement they didn’t invest in all the new equipment and much of the old implements from the days of farming with horses were still hanging in the places these immigrant ancestors had left them.

My entertainment was listening to the stories of the past and learning about these ancestors who settled on these farms in southern Minnesota. It was always fascinating to learn how the different tools were used and how they lived when they first arrived.  They lived in a hole in the ground over there on the hill, my grandmother used to say.  Needless to say I got in trouble for starting to dig in the yard.

Somehow, my grandparents didn’t know all the details of these ancestors and the stories of their past and the homeland. Later, I set to work researching and uncovering the secrets of the past. It has opened a whole new world of history and better understanding.

My passion is in the details and helping others make connections with who their ancestors were, which enables them to gain a better understanding of whom they are and their family history.