Martin Luther Reformation Heritage Tour

October 1 – 14, 2018

Walk in the footsteps of Martin Luther and explore the heritage of the Reformation, which changed the history for Christianity for over 500 years. This tour will begin in Berlin before traveling to Luther Stadt Wittenberg. It is the cradle of the Reformation where the reformers lived and worked. See the largest Museum of the Reformation enjoy the historical feel of this lively small town.

Eisleben is a Unesco World Heritage Site where Martin Luther was born and died.  Take a guided tour exploring the town’s churches and sites including the town square with the Luther Monument and the house where Martin Luther died Mansfeld where the Luther family lived while Martin Luther grew up. See the house where they lived across the street from a modern museum dedicated to Luther where you can see many artifacts found from Luther’s time.

Erfurt is where Martin Luther went to the University is a beautiful historic town. Tour the sites and learn about how Martin Luther decided to become a Monk. Eisenach is another Unesco World Heritage Site with the Wartburg Castle where Martin Luther lived almost a year in hiding while translating the Bible to German.

After exploring Luther sites in former East Germany, the tour winds is way to Nuremburg. The city with printing presses and the Reformation was introduced. Augsburg with a guided tour of the historic sites seeing the Luther stairs and learn how he narrowly escaped being imprisoned.

Regensburg a Unesco World Heritage site was very important through the middle ages as a trading port and cross roads as well as the site for the Imperial Diet and debates. There were significant historic debates between Dr. Eck and Phillip Melanchthon from 1541 to 1546. The tour ends in Munich Bavaria’s capital.

Contact Wade for a full Itinerary beginning in November.